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کشش تقاضای بنزین در سوئیس - مقاله ترجمه شده

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کشش تقاضای بنزین در سوئیس

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Elasticities of gasoline demand in Switzerland

برای دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی کشش تقاضای بنزین در سوئیس و خرید ترجمه فارسی آن با فرمت ورد اینجا کلیک نمایید



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Elasticities of gasoline demand in Switzerland - RERO DOCdoc.rero.ch/record/208628Using cointegration techniques, we investigate the determinants of gasoline demand in Switzerland over the period 1970–2008. We obtain a very weak price elasticity of −0.09 in the short run and −0.34 in the long run. For fuel demand, i.e. gasoline plus diesel, the corresponding price elasticities are −0.08 and −0.27.Elasticities of gasoline demand in Switzerland. Energy Pol - Elsevierrefhub.elsevier.com/S0140-9883(14)00326-0/rf0245No information is available for this page.Learn whyIssues in Energy Research and Application: 2013 Editionhttps://books.google.com/books?isbn=14901066772013 - ‎Technology & Engineeringelasticities. of. Swiss. gasoline. demand. By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Energy & Ecology Business — Fresh data on Energy Economics are presented in a new report. According to news originating from Geneva, Switzerland, by VerticalNews editors, the research stated, “This paper is intended to test and estimate ...