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سهم crm در توانایی تقسیم بازار - مقاله ترجمه شده

عنوان فارسی مقاله: سهم CRM ها در توانایی تقسیم بازار: مطالعه موردی گروهVIPs
عنوان انگلیسی مقاله:

The contribution of CRMs to the ability of market segmentation: The case of the VIPS group

برای دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی سهم CRM ها در توانایی تقسیم بازار: مطالعه موردی گروهVIPs و خرید ترجمه فارسی آن با فرمت ورد اینجا کلیک نمایید



  • فهرست مطالب:
1 مقدمه
2- جارجوب نظری
2-1 کاربرد، مصرف و تقسیم بازار
2 طرح پژوهش: تحلیل و توسعه قابلیت های دینامیک با استفاده از CRM
3 نمونه مورد بررسی: VIPS و اجرای CRM
4 4-1 سازمان
5 4-2 روش بررسی نمونه مورد نظر
6 4-3 نمونه مورد بررسی
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Scenarios in Marketing: From Vision to Decisionhttps://books.google.com/books?isbn=0470058587Gill Ringland, ‎Laurie Young - 2007 - ‎Business & EconomicsMarketing directors are now faced with complex dilemmas because of the disruption of ... CRM strategies, and how they take the place of ''traditional'' models of ... They are a major contribution to risk/return analysis in modern channel strategy. ... promotion), they have normally been treated in groups, or market segments.Importance of Integrating CRM (Customer Relationship) with SCM ...https://www.linkedin.com/.../importance-integrating-crm-customer-relationship-scm-s...Aug 10, 2016 - It is important to understand that the logistics contribute to the customer ... The delivery process involves the customer focused market that allows the ... The CRM segments the each of the customer needs and supports the ... for the SCM with precision ability for the product creation, modification, or replaced.What Is the Role of Market Segments in Marketing Strategies? | Chron ...smallbusiness.chron.com › Advertising & Marketing › Marketing Strategies1 What Are the Characteristics of Market Segments & Target Markets? ... Market; 3 Examples of Market Segmentation; 4 Role of Market Segmentation on CRM ... A key market segmentation characteristic is the potential customer's ability and ...